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We will be conducting all training in accordance with all safety precautions and CDC recommendations.




NOTICE: The Bucks County Police Association's fund raiser letter has been mailed. There has been concerns as to the legitimacy of the correspondence. We have included a link to the official letter here so you can rest assured, we are a true 501 (c) (5) organization. We thank you for your continued support!


The Bucks County Police Association, which was founded in 1936, is dedicated to the training and education of law enforcement personnel throughout Bucks County.

With a range and two (2) classroom facilities at its 23 ½ acre property in Bedminster Township, the Bucks County Police Association provides the funding, resources and facilities needed to meet the standards and requirements established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for firearms training and other professional development programming.



The public awareness campaign is entitled "SLOW" - which stands for
    .    Shut off engine
    .    Lower window
    .    hands On wheel
    .    Wait for instructions

When you see lights behind you.A traffic stop almost always begins with a police car flashing its lights at you and, perhaps, giving you a short siren blast. Even if you've never been pulled over before, you should know how to respond. You should:

Pull over to the curb and stop immediately. Even if you're not being pulled over, you should always do this so that the officer can easily go around you and get to where they actually need to be. If you are being pulled over, stay there even if it seems unsafe to park. If the officer doesn't like where you're parked, they will instruct you where to move.


Membership applications can be made in three areas:

  1. Associate membership, which entitles the user to association information and attendance of general meetings.
  2. General membership, which in addition to the associate membership, allows for voting rights, use of the range and an option to obtain a life insurance benefit.
  3. Departmental membership, which is exclusive to departments who wish to use the range and classroom facilities.

Membership application can be completed by downloading the attached form and submitting it to the address enclosed or forwarding to the financial secretary.


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